Day 16 of the Jam Unacceptable Campaign

We are back on day 16 following a brief hiatus!  We hope you all had a great weekend!

Todays post comes to you courtesy of the Capital Regional District and all the great work they do to make sure that stigma never leaves the poverty equation.  Behind every action is an intent, and we are pretty skeptical about the intent behind this one.  

crdjam3In this pamphlet on ‘scavenging,’ the CRD sends a clear message to the public: binners should be feared.  The person who returns your empties is not a resourceful, helpful, fellow community member. On the contrary, this person is stealing from you. The CRD de-humanizes and criminalizes people who bin in a visual comparison to scavenging animals and fearful onlookers. CRD Bylaw 2290 contributes to marginalization and stigmatization of people who use the streets to meet their basic needs. Next time there is a binner in your area, how about a ‘thank you.’

This image is a little more clear but without the additional text.


You can link the Capital Regional Districts website here:

What do you think?


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