Mandate & Current Focus

Mandate: We are a grassroots organization that consists of front-line workers and community members.

We work to create political space that breaks down the walls set up by the institutions and systems of power that build and police them. This means creating a space for workers who are prevented from speaking out against injustices for fear of losing their jobs, and who face barriers to working in a life-affirming way. This means building connections between people most affected by power, and the allies and workers seeking to mutually liberate each other. This means going up against the walls and dismantling them.

We also work from the assumption that dominant culture produces understandings of people that trap us into limited ways of seeing ourselves. We seek to counter dominant cultural understandings by producing knowledge about the continually evolving oppressions people face, and the ways of seeing ourselves that can provide a basis for solidarity across differences.

We do this work to help each other resist oppression and create ways of relating that are grounded in a mutual search for well-being. We work through an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial framework, and we strive to organize in a way that is anti-oppressive and to actively work through the many ways we are entangled with dominant culture.

Current Focus: To expose and politicize the many ways that the institutions whose mandate should be to ameliorate suffering actually exacerbate and entrench it. This includes working against bylaws that socially profile, Good Neighbour Agreements that marginalize, Red Zones that criminalize poverty, and media messages that stigmatize.


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