Reporting Abuses

Victoria’s a small town. We know that waged workers who speak out against inequities and abuses are threatened with their jobs and livelihoods, while those on the streets are threatened with increased surveillance, mistreatment and violence. Together we can get the word out, and break the silence about the abuses we see everyday.

Are you a front-line worker? Have you witnessed or heard about abuses experienced by people you work with, and aren’t comfortable reporting these through your workplace or formal complaints processes? Use our ‘anonymous submissions‘ to get the word out: we’ll publish these on a semi-regular basis to build public awareness, and to collectively demand change.

Are you (or do you know someone who is) street-involved, and experienced abuse or discrimination by police officers in Victoria? Make an anonymous statement to the ‘Safer for All’ team. Statements will be used to draw attention to social profiling, and advocate for changes in policing practices in Victoria.